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Girly-Girl Gazette  #67



me and one of my guitar students post-recital!  #guitarmy



How are you? Enjoying the crazy/hot/humid/thunderstormy weather? I love it when its super hot, and then there’s a storm and the weather all of a sudden becomes PERFECT. Then the next day it’s back to feeling like your walking around in a hot blanket–a hot blanket in the swamp.

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat? Mine is FROYOOOOOOOOO…although I did have some bad Froyo the other day :-\ … I think the fruit toppings were kept to close to the salad dressing, and so they tasted kind of weird…kind of like salad dressing…and fish :( I will leave the company un-named..but it is a Froyo/salad place.

“All Froyos are not created equal” -Nila


Don’t say it, show it!

This is a tip that I repeat a lot. Instead of saying what you mean…show what you mean with imagery. It is a really effective use of your precious 3 minute song. Instead of, “it was summertime and your smile was pretty”, you could say “it was swimming pools and pina coladas, seeing your smile was like drinking sunshine” …or perhaps “your smile looks like swimming pools and pina coladas, you are my summer honey lovin dumplin.”

(the title of this song is “Summer Honey Lovin’ Dumplin” hee hee!)

Get it?! GOT IT! G O O D!

Get writing! Try turning your Instagram feed into a song lyric, using your pictures as starters for lyrics. (you could also use someone else’s feed?!)

Next week I’m going on vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatioooooon! (only 5 days) I apologize in advance for any tardiness of the Girly-Girl Gazette, but I’ll be back with fun pictures! from New Orleeeeeans! follow the instagram @nilakaymusic :) :)

Remember the duck with the hair-do from my last trip?! hahahahaha!

Seee yaaa!

Have a great weekend!! I will see you when I get back from NoLaaaaaaaa! WOOHOOO!

Take care,


FREEBIE! —> it’s a song page: blank staff paper, blank guitar tab, blank chord diagrams, and blank lines for your lyrics!


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