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Girly-Girl Gazette  #70

Poparmy! Pop Pilates!
How’s it going? Hope you are having a great week and still enjoying summer…I think I noticed kids on their way to summer school today while I was driving to work. Was that you?! yipes! Well at least your brain will stay fit!

Oooh! speaking of fit….what’s your favorite way to exercise? I found a new exercise movement/community called Pop Pilates…soon I’ll be an instructor! WOOOHOOOO! It’s like dancing on a mat! While getting your abs of steel and buns of steel! You barely notice that you’re working out! (okay maybe you do, but it’s still fun!)

How to start writing a song… What is your idea?

Figure it out, then do some brainstorming on it, let the ideas flow without thinking about grammar or rhyming.

Once you do that, take a look through your writing and see if there’s an awesome title for your song in there! If you find one, great! If not…think of one!

Once you’ve got your title, you might want to do a little song plot. Don’t think about rhymes or anything, just think about what happens in your song. Try to keep the momentum going! Doing a songplot helps to keep you from saying the same thing over and over again in your verses.

Title —I Found You in The Produce

V1 – boy and girl at store, their hands touch while reaching for the kale

CH: -I knew I loved you..the minute I found you in the produce!

V2 – boy and girl pick vegetables and fruits, decide to make soup together

Ch – I knew I loved you …the minute I found you in the produce

B – but what about the seasoning? I like spicy and you like plain!…we will work it out

Ch- I knew I loved you the minute I found you in the produce.

Once again, THAT WAS AN EXCELLENT SONGWRITING EXAMPLE from yours truly!! ha ha, you get the idea!

Then after you do this step, actually go back and write something magical and rhymey–using your songplot as a guide. <3 <3

What a magical moment I had last Saturday Remember the presentation I was freaking out about?! My public speaking crisis?? It went by so fast!!! And when I got to the event guess what I saw?!

My Fierce Songwriting Workshop logo projected onto ALL 4 WALLS OF THE ROOM! THAT WAS SO AMAZING! I WANT TO DO MORE WORKSHOPS!!

Kipp DC students, you were the stars B-) of the show, we watched your “21 Bout That Life” song. :-D


Have a great week! Go for your dreams even it is just to stand on your head while saying your alphabets backwards and with your eyes closed.

Take care,


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