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Girly-Girl Gazette  #71

Go! Go! Go!

How are you? Still enjoying summer? Man! It was so hot in DC this week… I LOVED IT! What great weather for froyo and sweating. aaaaaah!

I hope you are enjoying the hot, sticky, uncomfortable moments of summer and the hot sticky uncomfortable moments in life. Sometimes those moments happen when you…wait for it… GO FOR YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT! That is one of my personal mission statements :) . Going for your dreams might make you uncomfortable, and other people around you uncomfortable, but it will all be worth it in the end. Why live with a head full of “What if’s?..” Just go for it!

Not only will going for your dreams and living them make you a happier person, it will make the world around you happier…because happiness is contagious! Misery is also contagious! Why spread misery when you can spread the joy that you have when you go for your dreams NO MATTER WHAT!

What is holding you back?


Did you start writing any new songs this week? I hope so! I have one that is pretty much finished, and hopefully I won’t be too lazy to upload a youtube video of it this weekend :-P

Do you need help with that song you’re working on?! Now’s your chance to get it! E-mail me! I love helping people write their songs.


Girly-Girl Fit Tip!

Since I’ve been doing so much fitness as a part-time job and hobby, why not make it official and add Girly-Girl Fit Tips to this newsletter! I uploaded a one-minute workout video to youtube last week (and a new one is on the way!)

Check it out and let me know what you think!

One-Minute-Workouts …for people who like to exercise, but not really.

tip: pull your belly button up to your spine, keep your hips lined up with your shoulders.

(I realize you can not see my whole leg..will fix next time!)


Until next week, toodles! Have a great weekend and week. GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!

Take care,


FREEBIE! —> it’s a song page: blank staff paper, blank guitar tab, blank chord diagrams, and blank lines for your lyrics!


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Did you get your copy of my Songwriting Guide?! Click here to download!


or do you visit friends there?

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