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FINALLY! Here in the DMV multiple snow days are upon us! Are you LOVING IT?!? This is like God’s gift. Nature hath given us a post-holidays holiday from school and work. WoooOOhOOO!

How are you going to your spend snow day(s)? Is your spicy hot chocolate ready to go? Yes, adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to your hot chocolatey beverage is the bomb diggity!!

  plus      = yummaaaaay



Your song has different sections: Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Intro, Outro..kind of like different pieces of an outfit. The cool thing about your song outfit is that you can mix and match the pieces. Try switching your 2nd verse with your 1st verse and see how it sounds– or maybe even switch your 1st verse with the chorus, intro for outro? The possibilities are endless!

new youtube video! This is called “Been There,Done With That”
*warning- frank content about possibly adult subject matter* But somebody has to warn you about what not to do! It’s my duty! Click pic or here to watch.

See yaaaaa
Have a great weekend! Where are the best sledding spots?!  Have fun in the snow! Or not! Some of you live in warmer climates, haha.

Take care,

Nila “Snow-Happy” Kay  

FREEBIE! —> it’s a song page: blank staff paper, blank guitar tab, blank chord diagrams, and blank lines for your lyrics!
:)   —-> 
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